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Postgraduate scholarships

Conditions of award of some University scholarships are defined by Statue: HACKETT awards (Statute 18) and GLEDDEN awards (Statute 22). These statutes are printed in The University of Western Australia Calendar.

Ad Hoc Postgraduate Scholarships Conditions [F7862]
Ada Jackson Irwin Street Commemoration Bursary in Zoology [F7911]
Alistair Devlin Memorial Scholarship [F52918]
Amy Beatrice Hodgson Memorial Research Award * [F11212]
Ana Africh Postgraduate Scholarship in Medical Research * [F36878]
Apache Energy Oil and Gas Scholarship (Master of Professional Engineering) [F59679]
Appeals Procedure for Australian Postgraduate Awards and University Postgraduate Awards
Architects Board Graduate Award * [F31098]
Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) * [F7152]
Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) 2005–2010 * [F7152]
Australian Postgraduate Awards and University Postgraduate Awards * [F5161]
BHP Billiton MBA Accelerated Trimester Scholarship in the UWA Business School [F55571]
BHP Billiton MBA Full Time Distinguished Scholarship in the UWA Business School [F68877]
BHP Billiton MBA Full Time Scholarship in the UWA Business School [F58469]
BHP Billiton Masters Scholarship in the UWA Business School * [F23608]
BHP Billiton Social Impact (Not-for-Profit) Scholarship in the UWA Business School [F55570]
Beatrice Silk Postgraduate Scholarship in Education * [F7907]
Benthic Geotech PhD Scholarship * [F22297]
Bruce and Betty Green Postgraduate Research Scholarship * [F28250]
Buru Energy Scholarship for Women in Petroleum Geoscience * [F42768]
C. A. Vargovic Memorial Scholarship * [F7912]
C. F. H. and E. A. Jenkins Postgraduate Research Scholarships * [F25487]
Centenary Trust for Women Dr June Jones Master’s Degree Scholarship in Education [F51228]
Centenary Trust for Women Dr Margaret Feilman Postgraduate Scholarship [F25317]
Charles and Annie Neumann Scholarships in Agriculture [F13601]
Charles and Grace Kornweibel Scholarships [F7823]
Clough MBA Scholarship [F67091]
Clough Scholars Program Scholarship (Master of Professional Engineering) [F51246]
Constance Horsfall Bursary [F4767]
Convocation Postgraduate Research Travel Award * [F51251]
Convocation Postgraduate Research Travel Award * [F7517]
Cranmore Fund [F7914]
Dale Cook Scholarship * [F8054]
David Mack Indigenous Postgraduate Scholarship [F67100]
Dr Roy D. Bloebaum and Lois D. Bloebaum Graduate Student Travel Award [F33171]
Duff-Freeman Memorial Award [F7913]
Edward Arndt Fund [F7995]
Eileen Joyce Music Fund [F8045]
Eileen and Aubrey Wild Music Research Travel Scholarship [F55627]
Elise and Jack Middleditch Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship [F51274]
Elizabeth Clark Scholarship [F7822]
Elsie Hope Solly Scholarship in Mathematics Education * [F19515]
Eric and Shirley Barrington Scholarship [F51280]
Ernest and Evelyn Havill Shacklock Scholarships * [F8047, F8165]
Eva K. A. Nelson Medical Scholarship [F7910]
F. A. Hadley Travelling Scholarships [F7837]
F. S. Shaw Memorial Postgraduate Scholarship * [F11730]
Ferguson Travel Scholarship in Architecture * [F7719]
Forrest Research Foundation Scholarship. [F70996]
Frank Broeze Postgraduate Scholarship * [F13749]
Friends of UWA Music Travelling Scholarship * [F25316]
Governor Sanderson Scholarship in Population Health (Dr Haruhisa Handa Leadership Scholarship Program) [F15096]
Grace Vaughan Fund [F5159]
Grieve Memorial Travel Award * [F22279]
Hackett Postgraduate Research Scholarships [F7154]
Hackett Student Fund—Loans [F19714]
Hale School Scholarship * [F19514]
Hatch Indigenous Scholarship for Postgraduate Coursework [F44051]
Henry Schapper Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Natural and Agricultural Sciences * [F35481]
Hunka Scholarship * [F2655]
I. and B. Jackson Postgraduate French Studies Scholarship [F51315]
International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) [F11140]
International Research Fee Scholarships for China (UWA China Scholarships) [F51323]
Jack Family Trust Research Scholarship [F45986]
James Memorial Travel Award * [F22278]
Janice Klumpp Award [F1932]
Jean Rogerson Postgraduate Scholarship * [F7762]
Jennifer Arnold Memorial Research Award [F5136]
Jock and Marjorie Hetherington Scholarship [F7631]
John Clauscen Murray Postgraduate Scholarship in Bowel Cancer Research [F41033]
John Hind Opera Viva Instrumental and Vocal Scholarships * [F8044]
Joy Schapper Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Clinical Psychology * [F35480]
Julian and Irena Hunka (Hunka-Alter) Memorial Trust [F1792]
Ken Michael Postgraduate Scholarship in Civil Engineering * [F20388]
L. T. Thean Memorial Research Scholarship * [F5324]
Leon Tauman Memorial Postgraduate Scholarship in French [F51355]
Lugg Fund [F20086]
Lugg Travel Award * [F20086]
MWH Scholarship in Water and Mining [F51376]
Margaret and Herbert Horsfall Memorial Bursary [F4768]
Mark and Paige Barnaba and Macquarie Group Foundation MBA Full Time Scholarship in the UWA Business School [F61302]
Mary Janet Lindsay of Yanchep Memorial Fund [F7010]
Medical Awards—Regulations
Mining Leaders Scholarship [F51372]
Muriel and Colin Ramm Medal and Scholarship in Experimental Physics * [F5539]
Noel and Zoe Hassell Botany Fund [F8036]
North West Shelf Venture Scholarship in Gas Processing (Master of Professional Engineering) [F51380]
Orion Engineering Services Scholarship (Master of Professional Engineering) [F43252]
Othman Frank Blakey Scholarship in Civil and Resource Engineering * [F192]
Pathcentre Postgraduate Research Scholarship * [F5522]
Patricia Crawford Research Award in History * [F27304]
Paul Wilson Memorial Award [F7996]
Perth International Arts Festival Scholarship for International Students [F7856]
PhD Completion Scholarships * [F7890]
Prichard-Panizza Music Travel Scholarship * [F25949]
REDiMED PhD Top-up Scholarship [F54772]
Rankine Bequest [F4143]
Ray Hart Memorial Scholarship * [F16614]
Richard Walter Gibbon Medical Research Scholarship [F53347]
Rio Tinto Centre for Safety Top-Up Scholarship [F53761]
Rio Tinto Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship [F43005]
Rio Tinto Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship for Indigenous Students [F43006]
Robert and Maude Gledden Postgraduate Research Scholarships * [F547]
Rodney R. T. Prider Travel Scholarship * [F2060]
Samaha Research Scholarship * [F8046]
Scholarship for International Research Fees (SIRF) [F2649]
Sir Charles and Lady Court Music Fund [F7993]
Sir Charles and Lady Court Travel Scholarship * [F32713]
Sir Eric Smart Scholarship for Agricultural Research * [F28703]
Stephen Dornan Master of Translation Studies (French) Scholarship [F53739]
Summer Vacation Scholarships [F20115]
TEE Consultants Scholarship for Pre-Service Science Teachers * [F41161]
Tarling-Hetherington Scholarship in Fine Arts * [F10167]
Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship in Philosophy * [F7002]
Tunley Postgraduate Music Scholarship * [F15432]
UWA Alumni SWANS Rural Scholarship [F56782]
UWA Alumni SWANS Scholarship [F51448]
UWA Business School MBA Full Time Dean’s Scholarship [F61745]
UWA Business School MBA Full Time Studentship [F61303]
UWA Graduate Research Student Travel Award * [F12806]
UWA SWANS Rural Scholarship [F56209]
UWA SWANS Scholarship [F56208]
University Hall Domestic Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship [F50101]
University Hall International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship [F50098]
University Postgraduate Awards [F5157]
War Widows' Guild of Western Australia Scholarship for Research Into Breast Cancer * [F4741]
Warren Jones/UWA Postgraduate Research Scholarship * [F13434]
Wesley Mission Perth Music Scholarships * [F12653]
William Lambden Owen Postgraduate Scholarship in Engineering * [F8210]
William and Marlene Schrader Postgraduate Scholarship [F51462]
Woodside Myanmar Postgraduate Scholarship [F53778]
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