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Athelstan and Amy Saw Medical Research Fellowships [F5318]

The late Honourable Dr Athelstan John Henton Saw, a former Chancellor of the University, having left to the University the balance of the residuary trust fund created by his will to establish a research fellowship or fellowships in memory of his wife Amy and his son Athelstan, and having directed that the fellowships should be tenable for such periods and held on such terms and conditions as prescribed from time to time by the Senate after consultation with the Professors of Medicine and Surgery, a fund is established to enable the award of research fellowships in medicine which are administered in accordance with the regulations governing the Medical Awards as published in the University's Scholarships, Prizes, Endowments volume1 and with the regulations which follow.

1.(1) If in any year only one fellowship is made available for award it is called the Athelstan Saw Medical Research Fellowship.

(2) If in any year two fellowships are made available for award the first is called the Athelstan Saw Medical Research Fellowship and the second is called the Amy Saw Medical Research Fellowship.

2. The object of each fellowship is to enable the fellow to carry out, in association with the School of Medicine of The University of Western Australia or such other institution as may be approved by the Scholarships Committee, research work in the causation, prevention or cure of disease.

3. Each fellowship is open to any graduate in medicine, science or arts of any recognised university in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Australia, or in any other British possession or dominion, or to any person who may be the holder of a qualification which would entitle them to be registered as a medical practitioner in Western Australia.

1 See 'Medical Awards—Regulations' listed at the start of the Postgraduate Scholarships section.

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