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   BHP Billiton Masters Scholarship in the UWA Business School * [F23608]

BHP Billiton Master's Scholarship in the UWA Business School * [F23608]

An asterisk (*) indicates that this scholarship is governed by conditions. This scholarship is governed by the University Policy on Establishment and Award of Scholarships except as set out in the conditions that follow.

Note: (1) This scholarship is for a Master of Business Administration or master's degree by coursework only. It is not available for students undertaking a master's degree by research.

The statutory entity, the Faculty of Business, is known as the UWA Business School.

BHP Billiton donates a sum of money annually to provide up to two scholarships each valued at $50,000 to encourage students who have demonstrated academic excellence and an interest in economic, business or management issues relevant to the resources sector to undertake the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree course or other master's by coursework in the UWA Business School at The University of Western Australia (the University). The scholarship is awarded in accordance with the following conditions.

The scholarship is called the BHP Billiton Master's Scholarship in the UWA Business School.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage students who demonstrate academic excellence to undertake the MBA course, or other master's by coursework in the UWA Business School.

The value of the scholarship is $50,000.

Eligibility requirements
(1) To be eligible for consideration for a scholarship an applicant must have been accepted for enrolment in the MBA course, or other master’s by coursework.

(2) To be eligible to take up the scholarship, the recipient must be enrolled full-time in the MBA course or other master's by coursework unless there are exceptional circumstances which preclude full-time enrolment. 1

(3) (a) Subject to 4(1) and (2), at least one scholarship each year is awarded to an eligible female applicant;

(b) If, in any year, there is no eligible female applicant, all available scholarships may be awarded to male applicants.

1 Exceptional circumstances include but are not limited to medical conditions or major family commitments.

Body responsible for selection
The selection committee for the scholarship comprises:

(a) the Dean of the UWA Business School, or nominee (as Chair); and

(b) the Deputy Dean of the UWA Business School, or nominee; and

(c) a BHP Billiton representative

Selection criteria
The scholarship is awarded to the applicant who, in the opinion of the selection committee, best demonstrates—

(a) academic achievement; and

(b) an interest in economic, business or management issues relevant to the resources sector.

Selection process
(1) Selection of the recipient is made by the selection committee having regard to the applicants' written applications and supporting documentation.

(2) The selection committee may interview short-listed applicants.

Awarding body
The scholarship is awarded by the UWA Business School on the recommendation of the selection committee.

Method of payment
The scholarship is paid in two equal instalments, on or after the census date in each semester.

Criteria for continuation
Continuation of the scholarship is subject to the recipient remaining enrolled in the course for which the scholarship is awarded and maintaining an average grade of distinction or higher.

Duration of award
The scholarship is tenable for two semesters or three trimesters which are normally consecutive.

Concurrent awards
(1) Normally the BHP Billiton Masters Scholarship in the UWA Business School may not be held concurrently with any other external or University award.

(2) In exceptional circumstances, the selection committee may determine, on the basis of a written application for consideration, that the scholarship may be held concurrently with another external or University award, provided the conditions of the other award so permit.

Application procedure
(1) Written applications addressing the selection criteria must be accompanied by—

(a) a statement outlining the applicant's experience and/or interest in economic, business or management issues relevant to the resources sector; and

(b) a curriculum vitae that includes at least the following information—

(i) academic achievements such as prizes and scholarships;

(ii) employment experience;

(iii) the names of two referees;

(iv) leadership positions held at university, in the community and in the workplace. 

(c) for applicants who have undertaken study at a tertiary institution other than the University, a copy of the applicant's academic record from that institution.

(2) Applications must be submitted to the Faculty Administrative Officer of the UWA Business School by the advertised closing date.

Administering body
The scholarship is administered by the UWA Business School with payments made through the Scholarships Office.

Any thesis, dissertation or other publication resulting from research undertaken by the recipient while in receipt of the BHP Billiton Master'

s Scholarship in the UWA Business School must acknowledge the support of the scholarship and carry the University by-line.

Intellectual property
Intellectual property is governed by the University’s Intellectual Property policy available on the University’s web site.

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