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Patricia Crawford Research Award in History * [F27304]

An asterisk (*) indicates that this scholarship is governed by conditions.

Colleagues, friends and family of the late Professor Patricia Crawford have donated a sum of money to establish a fund to provide an annual award in History in her honour. Professor Crawford was a member of the Discipline Group of History and the former Department of History at The University of Western Australia ('the University') from March 1966 and was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor in December 2004. She was internationally recognised and served the University, and her discipline, with distinction.

The Patricia Crawford Memorial Fund and Award is established and administered in accordance with the following conditions.

The award is called the Patricia Crawford Research Award in History.

The purpose of the award is to assist postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and early career researchers who are undertaking a research project in history in the Faculty of Arts at the University by providing funds for activities relevant to their research, such as fieldwork, travel, attendance at conferences, and/or gathering research data generally.

The award is provided from the annual income of the fund after capitalisation in accordance with Senate policy.

(2) If there is no sufficiently qualified candidate in any year, no award is granted that year, and the annual income from the fund is returned to capital.

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible to apply for the award, an applicant must—

(a) be enrolled as a student in a higher degree by research in History in the Faculty of Arts; or

(b) hold a position (paid or honorary) as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Discipline of History; or

(c) hold a fractional or full-time academic appointment in the Discipline of History with the status of Early Career Researcher; and

(d) be undertaking research in history in the Faculty of Arts.

(2) To be eligible to apply for the award, an applicant must not have been the recipient of a Patricia Crawford Research Award in History in the three years immediately preceding the current call for applications.

Body responsible for selection
The selection committee for the award comprises—

(a) the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, or nominee, (as Chair);

(b) the Chair of the Discipline Group of History, or nominee; and

(c) a member of Patricia Crawford’s family, or person nominated by her family.

(2) The selection committee must include at least one male and one female member.

Selection criteria
The award is granted to the applicant who, in the opinion of the selection committee, best demonstrates—

(a) the merit of the proposed program of expenditure and its relevance to the applicant’s research program as a whole; and

(b) how receipt of the award will facilitate their research.

(2) If, in the opinion of the selection committee, two or more applicants are considered otherwise equal, preference is given to the applicant whose research project is in the field of Women’s History and/or Early Modern History (to 1800).

(3) In the event that, of two applicants referred to in 6(2), either—

(a) one of them has a research project in Women’s History, and the other in Early Modern History; or

(b) both have research projects in Women’s History or Early Modern History; or

(c) neither has a research project in either field,

the selection committee may divide the award between the two.

Application procedure
Written applications are called for annually by the School of Humanities in the Faculty of Arts and must be submitted to the School Office by the advertised closing date.

(2) Applications must be accompanied by—

(a) a curriculum vitae, including academic record

(b) an outline (no more than two A4 pages) of the proposed program of expenditure and its relevance to the research program; and

(c) a statement (no more than 400 words) describing how receipt of the award would facilitate the research.

Method of payment
Payment is made directly to the recipient in one lump sum prior to the proposed research activities being undertaken.

Other condition
Within twelve months of receipt of the award, the recipient must submit a report of not more than one A4 page to the Head of the School of Humanities, indicating how the award has facilitated their research, for review by the selection committee.

Any thesis, dissertation or other publication resulting from research undertaken by the recipient while in receipt of the Patricia Crawford Research Award in History must acknowledge the support of the award and carry the University by-line.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is governed by the University Policy on: Intellectual Property.


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