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   Centenary Trust for Women Dr June Jones Master's Scholarship in Education * [F40380]

Centenary Trust for Women Dr June Jones Master's Scholarship in Education * [F40380]

An asterisk (*) indicates that this scholarship is governed by conditions. This scholarship is governed by the University Policy on Establishment and Award of Scholarships except as set out in the conditions that follow.

Ms Sarah Beshar and the Beshar family have donated funds to provide an annual scholarship in honour of Sarah’s mother, Dr June Jones AM, who was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for Education Services in 2000 and an Honorary Doctorate in Education by The University of Western Australia ('the University') in 2007.  Dr Jones served on the Senate of the University for 13 years, and for five years was the inaugural chair of the UWA Centenary Trust for Women, which was established in 2002 to assist disadvantaged women to receive resources to enable them to benefit from education at the University. Dr Jones is a member of the Centenary Trust for Women, a Patron of the Hackett Foundation, a member of the Senate Development Committee, the University Club Advisory Board and a former member of many other University Boards.

The scholarship is established and administered in accordance with the following conditions.

The scholarship is called the Centenary Trust for Women Dr June Jones Master’s Scholarship in Education.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and assist meritorious women who are experiencing financial hardship to undertake a Master of Teaching degree at the University.

The value of the scholarship is $5000 per annum, indexed annually at three per cent commencing in 2012.

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible to apply for a scholarship an applicant must be—

(a) a citizen or permanent resident of Australia;

(b) female; and

(c) enrolled or eligible to enrol in one of the following master’s degrees by coursework—

(i) Master of Teaching (Early Childhood); or

(ii) Master of Teaching (Primary); or

(iii) Master of Teaching (Secondary); and

(c) able to demonstrate financial hardship.

(2) Financial hardship can be demonstrated by the applicant—

(a) being in receipt of a means-tested Commonwealth income support payment (such as Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy, disability support pension, Veterans’ Entitlements payment or another income-tested benefit or pension); or

(b) submitting a statement of financial hardship.

(3) To be eligible to take up the scholarship, the recipient must be—

(a) enrolled in the course for which the scholarship has been awarded to the recipient; and

(b) enrolled full-time unless there are exceptional circumstances1 which preclude full-time enrolment.

1 Exceptional circumstances may include, but are not limited to, a medical condition or major family commitments.

Body responsible for selection
The selection committee for the scholarship is the Scholarships Committee.

Selection criteria
The scholarship is awarded to the applicant who, in the opinion of the selection committee, best demonstrates—

(a) academic achievement; and

(b) educational disadvantage.

Selection process
Selection of the recipient is made by the selection committee having regard to the applicants’ academic records, written applications and supporting documentation.

Awarding body
The scholarship is awarded by the Scholarships Committee.

Method of payment
The scholarship is paid in two equal instalments each year.

(2) One instalment is paid per semester on or after the census date.

(3) Continued payment of instalments of the scholarship is subject to the recipient meeting the criteria for continuation set out in 11.

Duration of award
The scholarship is tenable for the duration of the course for which the scholarship is awarded or the standard full-time equivalent if approval has been granted for part-time study on the grounds that there are exceptional circumstances which preclude full-time study.

Criteria for continuation
Continuation of the scholarship is subject to the recipient—

(a) remaining enrolled in the course for which the scholarship has been awarded to the recipient;

(b) making satisfactory progress in accordance with the rules for the course in which the student is currently enrolled; and

(c) being enrolled as a full-time student unless approval has been granted for part-time enrolment on the grounds that there are exceptional circumstances which preclude full-time study;

(d) confirming twice annually in the manner and by the dates specified by the University that they continue to meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarship.

Suspension of scholarship
The scholarship may be suspended for up to one year (two semesters) during the tenure of the scholarship subject to approval from the Scholarships Committee.2

(2) The scholarship may only be suspended after the first census date following the commencement of the scholarship.

2 Students wishing to suspend their course must apply for a period of approved leave from the faculty.

Concurrent awards
The scholarship may be held concurrently with any other postgraduate scholarship or award provided that this is permitted by the conditions of the concurrent scholarship or award.

Application procedure
Applications are called for annually by the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office and must be submitted by the advertised closing date.

(2) For applicants who have undertaken study at a tertiary institution other than the University, written applications must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant's academic record from that institution.

Administering body
The scholarship is administered by the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office.

Any thesis, dissertation or other publication resulting from research undertaken by the recipient while in receipt of the Centenary Trust for Women Dr June Jones Master’s Scholarship in Education must acknowledge the support of the scholarship and carry the University by-line.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is governed by the University’s Intellectual Property policy available on the University’s website at http://www.universitypolicies.uwa.edu.au/page/117132.

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