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 Scholarships, Prizes, Endowments

F. A. Hadley Travelling Scholarships [F7837]

The late Mr Frederick Augustus Hadley having left to the University his residuary estate to be used by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences preferentially for the establishment of a postgraduate travelling scholarship or scholarships, a fund is established for the purpose and the scholarships are administered in accordance with the regulations governing the Medical Awards as published in the University's Scholarships, Prizes, Endowments volume1 and with the regulations which follow.

1. The scholarships are called the F. A. Hadley Travelling Scholarships.

2. The object of the scholarships is to provide outstanding graduates, who have qualified by examination for the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in The University of Western Australia and demonstrated their eligibility by publications and/or attainment of postgraduate degrees or diplomas, with the means of pursuing further studies or research overseas.

1 See 'Medical Awards—Regulations' at the start of this section.

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