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 Scholarships, Prizes, Endowments

Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship in Philosophy * [F51434]

An asterisk (*) indicates that this scholarship is governed by conditions.

Note: This scholarship is not currently available.

The Theresa Symons Scholarship is provided from the Theresa Symons Philosophy Trust (the Trust) established with a sum of money from the estate of Christopher Paul Symons for the purpose of providing scholarships or grants to domestic students to encourage the furtherance of their study in the field of philosophy at postgraduate level at The University of Western Australia ('the University').

If in any year there are no suitable applicants for the scholarship, or the income available is not fully expended on scholarships, the income, or the remaining income, may be used for the purpose of supporting, directly or indirectly, postgraduate research in philosophy at the discretion of the selection committee described in Clause 6 and in accordance with the intention of the bequest.

The scholarship is awarded in accordance with the following conditions.

Definitions and acronyms

For the purpose of these conditions—

a domestic applicant or domestic student is an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident;

a primary award is an Australian Postgraduate Award or a University Postgraduate Award or another postgraduate research award recognised by the University;

a supplementary scholarship is a scholarship that is held in conjunction with a primary award such as an Australian Postgraduate Award or a University Postgraduate Award, and that provides benefits no greater than 75 per cent of the base stipend rate of the primary scholarship;

APA is an Australian Postgraduate Award;

BGRS is the Board of the Graduate Research School;

GRSO is the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office;

HDR is a higher degree by research, which is a doctorate or master's degree course for which at least two-thirds of the student load for the course is required as research work;

UPA is a University Postgraduate Award;

Head of School means a person appointed or acting in that capacity or the Postgraduate Research Coordinator of the school. Postgraduate Research Coordinators being designated academics who have been approved by the head of school and the Board of the Graduate Research School to act on behalf of the Head of School on matters pertaining to higher degrees by research.

The scholarship is called the Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship in Philosophy.

The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage eligible domestic students to pursue an HDR in philosophy under the supervision of members of the Discipline Group of Philosophy.

Type of scholarship
The scholarship may be offered as—

(a) a supplementary scholarship to be held in conjunction with an APA, UPA or equivalent postgraduate research award or another full scholarship approved by the selection committee.

(2) A supplementary scholarship may be held on a part-time basis providing the conditions of the primary award permit the primary award to be held on a part-time basis.

Number, value and type
The number, value and type of scholarships available each year is determined by the selection committee having regard to the funds available.

Eligibility requirements
 To be eligible for consideration for a scholarship a student must—

(a) be a domestic student; and

(b) be enrolled in or eligible to enrol in an HDR in philosophy at the University by the date of commencement of the scholarship.

(2) To be eligible to take up the scholarship, a recipient must—

(a) be enrolled in an HDR in philosophy at the University; and

(b) have had their proposed field of study approved by the Head of School and the BGRS;

(c) be entitled to a maximum tenure of at least 12 months. The Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship in Philosophy is not available to students who, as a result of prior studies, would be entitled to scholarship tenure of less than 12 months; and

(d) not have previously applied for scholarships in more than one selection round. Applicants may only apply in a maximum of two selection rounds, after which they will be ineligible for reconsideration in any future scholarship rounds at UWA.

Body responsible for selection
 The selection committee is the Scholarships Committee.

Selection criteria
The scholarship is awarded by the selection committee to the applicant who best demonstrates—

(a) academic achievement as evidenced by their academic record; and

(b) research potential based on academic referee reports, outline of the proposed research project and supporting documentation.

Selection process
Selection of the recipients is made by the selection committee having regard to the applicant's academic records, letters of application and referees' reports.

(2) The Chair of the Discipline Group of Philosophy provides a ranked list to the Scholarships Committee who will approve the recipient which is then endorsed by Perpetual Trustees.

Awarding body
The scholarship is awarded by the Scholarships Committee, on the recommendation of the Chair of the Discipline Group of Philosophy.

Duration of award
The scholarship is tenable for—

(a) up to two years for a master's degree by research; or

(b) up to three years for a doctoral degree.

(2) Doctoral students may apply for an extension of tenure of up to six months' duration subject to satisfactory progress, provided the grounds for extension are related to their research and are beyond the control of the student.

(3) Extension of tenure is conditional upon the submission of the Research Proposal and Confirmation of Candidature, and all outstanding milestone reports including Annual and Interim Reports, and Travel Award Reports, if applicable.

(4) No extensions are possible for students undertaking a master's degree by research.

(5) Periods of study already undertaken towards the degree prior to the commencement of the scholarship or undertaken during suspension of the scholarship are deducted from the maximum period of tenure unless the study was undertaken as part of a Commonwealth Government financially supported international postgraduate research scholarship or award.

(6) Candidates enrolled in professional doctorate degree courses or combined master's and PhD degree courses which include a formal coursework component are only eligible for scholarship payments for years in which the research component of the course is at least two-thirds (66 per cent) of the full-time student load.

(7) Where a scholarship is converted from a scholarship for a master's degree by research to that for the doctoral degree, the maximum period of a scholarship is three years, or three-and-a-half years if an extension is approved.

Concurrent awards
A full scholarship may be held concurrently with another award providing the conditions of the other award so permit.

(2) A supplementary scholarship may be held concurrently with other supplementary scholarships, provided that the combined total value of the supplementary scholarships is no more than 75 per cent of the base stipend rate of the primary scholarship. 

Criteria for continuation of scholarship
Continuation of the scholarship from year to year is subject to the recipient—

(a) maintaining continuous enrolment at the University as a full-time student, unless otherwise recommended by the selection committee and approved by the Head of the School of Humanities and the Board of the Graduate Research School; and

(b) submitting, through their supervisor and the Head of the School of Humanities, a satisfactory Annual Progress Report to the BGRS.

(c) The University confirms annually to Perpetual Trustees that the student is continuing to make satisfactory progress.

Application procedure
Applicants must submit an online application in conjunction with the applications for the APA and UPA as advertised on the GRSO website at http://www.scholarships.uwa.edu.au by the advertised closing date.

(2) Applicants must also submit a written application to the Chair of the Discipline Group of Philosophy and must attach—

(a) a complete academic transcript of the applicant's tertiary education;

(b) the names and contact details of two referees;

(c) a 250-word description of the research project; and

(d) a writing sample of 5000 words.

Administering body
The scholarship is administered by the GRSO.

A scholarship recipient must enrol by the date set by the University or the scholarship may be withdrawn and reallocated to another applicant.

Any thesis, dissertation or other publication resulting from research undertaken by the recipient while in receipt of the Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship in Philosophy must acknowledge the support of the scholarship and carry the University by-line.

Intellectual property
Intellectual property is governed by the University Policy on Intellectual Property.

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