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   Paul Wilson Memorial Award [F7996]

Paul Wilson Memorial Award [F7996]

Family, friends, colleagues and supporters of the Graduate School of Management having made a gift to establish awards as a memorial to the late Dr Paul Wilson, BSc (Sheffield), PhD (Liverpool), MBA (Edinburgh), exploration and management geologist of Western Australia and formerly of the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Namibia, a fund is established for the purpose and the awards are made in accordance with the following regulations.

1. Each award is called a Paul Wilson Memorial Award.

2. The income from the fund after capitalisation, in accordance with Senate policy, is used to finance the awards.

3. The awards are open to Australian residents who have been admitted as full-time candidates for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course at this University and who have been employed as engineers or scientists in the mining industry for a minimum of three years by the closing date for applications.

4.(1) The awards are made by a committee comprising the Director of the Graduate School of Management, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce and the MBA Course Controller to the candidate who, in its opinion, is the most worthy.

(2) In reaching its decision the committee takes into account the full documentation submitted by the applicants for admission to the MBA course.

5. An award is not made if, in the opinion of the committee, no applicant is of sufficient merit.

6. The annual value of the awards is prescribed from time to time by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the committee.

7. An award is tenable for up to two years, continuation into the second year being dependent upon the committee being satisfied that satisfactory progress has been made.

8. An award may be held concurrently with another award, subject to the regulations of the other award.

9. The availability of the awards is advertised and applications submitted to reach the Registrar by the advertised date.

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